About Us

Our mission is to empower all eligible US citizens to become voters. That starts with voter registration.
Across the United States, tens of millions of Americans are unregistered or incorrectly registered to vote. Register2Vote aims to make it easy for anyone to confirm their registration and get registered. We started our work in Texas in 2018, where we were able to register over 150,000 people in 6 weeks. Since then, we've expanded nationwide, continuing our mission of giving every American a voice and a vote.

Jeremy Smith (Executive Director) is a West Point graduate and Marshall scholar. He served five years in the Army as an Engineer officer. After leaving the military, Jeremy worked to provide operational guidance and planning for several Voter Protection initiatives, where he helped recruit, train, and coordinate more than 6,000 attorneys countering voter suppression.

Madeline Eden (Technical Director) Voting rights activist, and election security analyst. Former Texas candidate for the US House of Representatives, District 10. Madi is an entrepreneur and problem solver who has worked in the information technology sector for almost three decades. She spent much of her career in Austin working as a Software Architect and Engineering Manager for Dell and AMD. In addition to her current work with R2V, Madi is also the Chief Technology Officer for Blockchain Innovation, Inc.

How to get involved
  • Share Register2Vote: Your wife, husband, son, daughter, cousin, friend, coworker, hairdresser, uber driver, or barista might not be registered. Help them confirm their registration and get registered if they need to.
  • Sign Up for MapTheVote: See unregistered voters around you on a map. Go for a walk and help register voters along the way.
  • Donate to send VR forms with SponsorTheVote: For every $1 you donate, we'll mail 1 registration form to an unregistered voter in the location of your choosing.
  • Donate via ActBlue
  • Organize Voter Registration Efforts with Register2Vote: If you're interested in partnering on your organizing efforts, reach out.
  • Sign Up Your Team Up For MapTheVote: See unregistered voters on a map. Join as a team see volunteer stats and track progress as a whole.
  • Learn more: info@register2vote.org